Hi there!
This is Eno. I have been writing graffiti for almost three decades and my work contributed to what is now considered the dawn of graffiti in Italy. Naples was my den. By the early 90’s I was already painting graffiti in many other cities. From day one, writing has shaped my true self wherever I happened to be.

Ten to one I was the first Neapolitan graffiti-writer to have a website, artenope.com. I started it in 1999, and for several years, it also showcased the work of NGC and KTM crew – my brothers and fellow writers. At the stone age of internet, ARTENOPE was a little temple of graffiti in Naples and hands down the most comprehensive image archive.

On ARTENOPE you will find most of my graffiti-writing production including my very early works. What you will not find is which I plan to share with you soon and in a more suitable format. Stay tuned! The reason why I decided to include only large format is that only at this scale I best explore wildstyle which feels the most faithful to me. Obviously, walls and large surfaces are my ideal canvas.

I was born and raised in a pristine yet soulless concrete jungle. I bring it back to life – that’s what I do.